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At Midwest Solar Power, our goal is to inspire and enable communities to embrace clean, cost-effective, and dependable solar energy.

Midwest Solar Power LLC was established in 2009 by professionals with extensive experience in construction, project management, and customer service, all converging in the solar installation sector. Their goal was to innovate and improve solar power accessibility for both residents and businesses in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2017, the team grew to include a specialist in architectural design and clean energy, further enhancing the depth and breadth of our service offerings.

Our Service Philosophy

Central to our mission at Midwest Solar Power is the delivery of comprehensive solar solutions. We understand that adopting solar energy is more than installing panels. It's about creating a complete system that harmoniously integrates with your property's existing structure and energy requirements. Whether it's for a residential home or a commercial entity, our approach is always personalized, ensuring that every installation is meticulously tailored to fit our clients' unique energy needs.


Our team, with skills spanning across architecture, engineering, and solar technology, enables us to design and implement solar systems that are both efficient and aesthetically aligned with our clients' preferences. This includes the installation of complete systems, state-of-the-art inverters, and reliable batteries, ensuring that every aspect of your solar setup is of the highest standard.

Comprehensive Consultative Approach

At Midwest Solar Power, we emphasize a consultative approach to solar installation. This starts with a detailed understanding of your energy goals and requirements. We take the time to discuss various options and explain how different components like inverters and battery systems can enhance your solar experience. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your solar investment.

Our commitment extends beyond individual projects. As a member of the Madison community, we are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future through renewable energy. By equipping local homes and businesses with solar power, we not only help in reducing the carbon footprint but also support the growth of clean energy in the region. Our efforts were recognized in 2023 when Midwest Solar Power was named among the Best Solar Companies in Madison.

Our Vision for the Future

Since our inception, we have been part of the evolving landscape of renewable energy, adapting to new technologies and practices to provide the best service possible. Looking forward, we remain dedicated to empowering more homes and businesses in Madison with solar energy, driven by our passion for quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Ready to Get Started on Your Solar Installation?

Ready to harness solar energy for your home or business? Click here to start your estimate with Midwest Solar Power and take the first step towards sustainable power.


816 Walsh Rd.

Madison, WI 53714

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